quick4pay Company for web Payment Services, Is a Palestinian company that was established in the year 2015 as an idea in the mind of the company manager, but the opening of the small office that started serving the local and international public began on 22nd Feb,2016 at the intersection of Shuhada Street and Palestine Street Al Ghussein Building - Gaza City - , Thanks to God we have obtained a large base of customers locally in Occupied Palestine and internationally in many Arab and foreign countries including Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Libya, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Iraq In addition to a group of foreign clients in Turkey, China, Pakistan, Britain, Canada and other foreign countries. From the outset, we have sought to provide our clients with the best possible services through the sale and purchase of electronic balances as well as digital currencies, in addition to providing online products and services as a financial intermediary locally and internationally

Our vision

We look forward to the rapid payment company to join the giant companies, and be the first company to provide the best services to the brothers and customers locally and internationally, as well as seek the public satisfaction by providing the best quality of services, as well as the mechanism of service delivery and the manner of dealing in a distinctive manner, in this field.

Our Goals to

1- Obtain the first position locally and internationally in the field of electronic commerce, especially the field of payment through the Internet.
2 - Access to a huge mass base, by providing the best services to the Arab Countries and world.
3 - Achieve all the needs of customers, services related to our field and become the first choice for customers all the time.
4 - Provide the best technical and technological solutions for customers, and work to expand the areas of our company.
5. Achieve complete customer satisfaction and to verify that the level of service provided is the best.
6 - Pay attention to the quality of service provided to the client and the mechanism of submission and strive to satisfy customers.
7 - Provide a technical support team working to help clients to inspect their transactions, and solve their problems in the best way.
8- To develop our services and technical and technological capabilities by providing more fields and services within our services.

Our Mission

The rapid payment company's mission is to attract customers to our company by offering the best services by reducing prices and offering special offers to customers. We strive to develop our company through independence in our future geographical location, as well as technological development by developing our capabilities and services. Continuous.

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